We Have Band: Ternion

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Avant garde / electro-rock UK trio We Have Band will release their second album Ternion iconon Janary 27, 2012.


Here’s a sneak peek track “Where Are Your People”


Watch the official video for popular song “Oh”


Initial Press:

Maturing from their previous disco-esque pop sound, Ternion features beautifully eerie, yet equally as catchy songs. Every track exhibits a whirring fluidity, punctuated by the lingering vocals of Dede Wegg-Prosser.” — The Owl Mag


“There is something strange and indescribable about the music of We Have Band. I feel like I have heard all of these elements, styles of vocals, and tense atmospheric presentation, but I’ve never quite heard them combined in such a manner. Their second release titledTernion, is a true enigma in synth/electronic [sound]…For the sake of mentioning more tracks, “What’s Mine, What’s Yours” is airy, peaceful, intimate, brilliant, “Watertight” is catchy as all hell, “Rivers of Blood” is mentioned earlier and is eerie as hell, and “Pressure On” is the absolute perfect end to the album in its calming beauty. in all honesty, I’m mentioning highlight tracks in order to coax unwilling participants into givingTernion a listen; the cohesiveness and enigmatic sound of the album will do the rest.” —Indie Wire Trap