when we’ve died and our lips are blue they will write a thousand novels…

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The first line seems too hurried for a promise; too panting to describe a love that must violently fill a thousand novels about loss. But it needs to be. I need to feel the quickening of aural lanscape as I travel with the vocalist to his final battlefield, and I need to resist: “I can’t hear my feet on the grass, I can’t hear the heart in my chest, a bullet just killed my friend, a bullet rang out in my head.”

The hopeful, fluttering harmonies calm me. I breathe out with the long draw against a violin. I have both eyes open when the haunting piano notes reach over them; frigid parted fingers daring me stare at the beastliest question staring back “how do I die alone?”

When the bullet breaks him into the ground, I too am broken. There’s a shiver and a scream; a grisly vocal sears through a crisp carnage of guitars. It buries you, it buries you again, and then it tenderly says goodbye, fulfilling its promise, leaving you to lie with a blue-lipped gaze, altogether speechless and brimming with a thousand words.



Paper Thick Walls is a Chicago-based indie-rock band. Their debut album A Thousand Novels, was released on May 3, 2011 and features Eric Michaels (vocals, guitar, motif), Kate Schell (vocals, piano, trumpet), Roger Sherman (upright bass), Andrew Sabo (drums) and Jacques René (fiddle, mandolin, guitar).