Ixos: Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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I don’t know much about Ixos, other than that their shoe showroom (and design studios) are based out of Milan, their footwear is nearly impossible to find in the US, and is absolutely gorgeous. Every season, they craft magnificent footwear out of quality naturally-dyed leathers, and I basically fawn over them for about six months (searching daily for them on Ebay) until they release another spectacular lineup.

For years, Head Start Shoes (in Philadelphia) has owned the US distribution rights for Ixos, which means that they’re the only official Ixos retailer in the states. However, I noticed that last season, Barney’s started private labeling Ixos and selling them under their coveted Co Op line. So, some of Ixos’ Spring Summer line (or a slightly modified version of it) will end up on at some point, probably marked up about 20% above what the shoes should be sold for. But, at least they’re widely available. I’ll post more about this when I see them crop up on the site. 

Stay tuned!


Here are some of my favorites from their 2012 Spring / Summer collection.