Sarah Jaffe: The Body Wins

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Denton, TX-based songwriter Sarah Jaffe will release Glorified High on April 24, 2012, an album that represents a rhythm-heavy, sonic departure. Fans familiar with her contemplative and ornate folk music, as heard on “The Way Sound Leaves a Room,” “Even Born Again” and Suburban Nature,” will hear unusually vivid bass and percussion (live and programmed) and a darker, overall feel. 


“In the first single from The Body Wins, “Glorified High,” Jaffe and [producer John] Congleton bounce back and forth between spare, restrained verses peppered with undulating drum loops and a chorus densely layered with crackly, overdriven bass and chirping synthesizers. There’s a moment in each of the verses where Jaffe’s voice hovers in the same range as a fluttering, looped sound, to the point where the two sound almost indistinguishable. Even when up to her neck in new and unfamiliar sounds, Jaffe settles in and makes herself at home.” —NPR’s album profile


Listen to “Glorified High” and let me know what you think:



For comparison, here is Jaffe playing “Clementine,” one of my most listened to songs of, oh, let’s just say “every year.”