Michael Kiwanuka: Home Again (full album)

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Over the past few months, this soulful londonite has inspired writers and music lovers from all over the world, making his recent US debut at LA’s The Hotel Cafe and then selling out the famed Joes’ Pub in New York just days later. Hearing him last week at SXSW, I finally understood. Certainly, I could always feel the power of his voice when watching his videos and listening to his EP, but something transformative happened when I was in the  room with him: sadness just seemed to sweat out of him. I cannot explain it other than to say that I was profoundly humbled, magnetized and so afraid of the sorrow rising up in my belly, I had to leave the show. I had to be alone, feel the moon in my eyes and refill myself with new air. It’s a feeling that has puzzled me ever since. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. Maybe his new album will hold the answers.

Michael Kiwanuka is due to release Home Again, his first full-length album on April 3 in the US (March 26th for all of you lucky folks in the UK).


If you’re not familiar with his work yet, listen to his title track Home Again:


Watch him performing “Worry Walks Beside Me.” This is the one that really pushes me over the edge. 


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