Keaton Henson: Dear…

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Keaton Henson‘s You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are hit the web about 4 months ago and has since been endorsed by what seems like the entire blogosphere. It’s a grey-weathered track, set in orange-weathered lanscape, and it will make rain fall dizzy in your eyes. From the first four notes, you feel, somehow, exactly like the singer’s hope: as full and as empty as possible.

Expanding upon the sound that David Greenwald at Rawkblog calls “almost violently spare,” Henson will release his full length album Dear… on February 27th. Unfortunately, not much is known about this shy newcomer. Under the biography section of his website, it reads only “Keaton Henson spends his time alone, writing songs and sometimes drawing, he doesn’t like to talk about himself.” In the age of the internet, this anonymity is rare, frustrating even. Do we dare to allow the music to speak for itself, settling for knowing nothing about a sound that can, unimaginably, make us feel everything?

Keaton Henson – You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are from Keaton Henson on Vimeo.