Josh Ritter: Bringing in the Darlings (EP)

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On February 21, Josh Ritter, one of Paste Magazine’s 100 Best Living Songwriters will publish his new 6-song EP Bringing In The Darlings. You can pre-order the album here.

Film director Cameron Crowe once wrote a review for Ritter’s reissue of Golden Age of Radio. It’s the following paragraph that I believe sums up Ritter’s songwriting perfectly. (Thanks to songsfortheday for suggesting this quote.)

“Nothing quite beats the power of a song that arrives perfectly. It can be the melody from a distant window, a guilty-pleasure piece of pop fluff or even the exquisitely wrong song at the wrong time. The fact is that life can be the best d.j. of them all. A song or an artist can land in your life in the most profound and mysterious ways and from that moment on that record defines an afternoon, a season, a city or a life.”


Josh Ritter’s new track “Why” from the upcoming release:


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