Harper Blynn: Busy Hands

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Harper Blynn, one of my favorite New York pop-rock bands (also quite possible my favorite group of New Yorkers, period), releases Busy Hands on April 16, 2012, an album that miraculously, they’re giving away for FREE on their website. (Say what??!)
As you’ll learn from upcoming posts, this year’s SXSW had several (ok, hundreds of) phenomenal, cosmic-alignment sort of moments. However, one of my most favorite of them was standing outside the door of Harper Blynn’s official showcase at St. David’s Sanctuary and watching people walk out with shocked, ecstatic grins, shouting a whole range of profanity and wiping the gloss from their disbelieving eyes. Seriously, it’s no coincidence that their album-release tour is already sold out. 


Some praise for their last album Loneliest Generation:

‘”If pop hooks were Monopoly money, this foursome would be buying hotels on Park Place by now.” —Time Out New York

“On their debut record Loneliest Generation, Harper Blynn takes a giant step beyond their contemporaries, and moves into a category all their own… In a crowded Brooklyn indie scene hell-bent on placing vanity above content and substance, Harper Blynn offer up simple, no-frills songcraft with an unassuming modesty and a self-confidence that is refreshing, invigorating and downright hypnotic.”


Listen to their preview track “Busy Hands, Empty Hearts”



Umm, what time is it? Why, it’s Beyonce Time. (No, that’s not actually a real thing. Whatever. Get on your dancing shoes and prep your inner diva. Go ahead, you know you want to.) 



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The lovely and generous people at Paste are offering a free album stream all week! Huzzah! Go get some.