Clock Opera: Ways to Forget

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London-based indie-electro-rock band Clock Opera will release their long-awaited full-length debut album Ways to Forget on April 23, 2012. To their credit and disadvantage, Clock Opera is nearly impossible to categorize. So eclectic and cinematic are their live shows that neither my pulse nor my body can decide where to land. Flustered, I alternate between hurling around the room, sweating into the flurry of things, and then swaying serenely, letting Guy Connelly’s falsetto wash over/through me. At their last show, my limbs were so unable to compromise that I just ended up standing still, arms ticking and jaw dropped. A fully immobilizing, multi-sensical flood of magic. Yummm…

[insert happy, screaming voice] “I CAN’T WAIT for this record!!!” This is just the start of my Clock Opera fawning / yapping. I promise.

Ummm… I may or may not have run up to Guy Connelly in the middle of 8th street in Austin and stopped traffic just to tell him, like a flipping loon, how much I appreciate his music. Ahem.


Here is forthcoming track “Once and For All”


The track listing:

1. Once and for All
2. Lesson No. 7
3. 11th Hour
4. Man Made
5. Belongings
6. White Noise
7. A Piece of String
8. The Lost Buoys
9. Move to the Mountains
10. Fail Better


Here is Clock Opera performing on the BBC Stage:



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