Andrew Bird: Break It Yourself

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Chicago-based theatrical songwriter and multi-instrumentalist composer Andrew Bird will release his seventh album Break it Yourself on March 6, 2012. Admittedly, I’ve listened to the album once through already and don’t have any clear opinions yet, other than that I need to sit with it a bit longer. Any super Bird fans out there want to sway me? I’m up for a healthy discussion about this one. 


“Pro tip for Andrew Bird fans hearing Break It Yourself for the first time: Clear away any and all distractions, listen on headphones and let its subtle charms sink in slowly. Early mornings or late nights work best. This isn’t a record for chaotic commutes or busy offices — these are songs of quiet contemplation, performed by a classically trained artist who sounds unmistakably confident in his craft, yet more muted than usual.” —Stephen Thompson, NPR


Here is “The Crown Salesman”



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