Amy Ray: Lung of Love

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Amy Ray, folk-songwriting legend, social activist and 1/2 of the contemporary duo The Indigo Girls, will release her fourth solo record Lung of Love, under her own indie record label Daemon Records.

The following statement appears in Amy’s bio:

“In the pantheon of body parts romanticized in song, the heart is clearly the favorite (See: All Pop Songs), while the lung is as overlooked and misunderstood as a gangly feminist at a beauty pageant.“The lung of love is my singing voice,” says Ray. “That is what comes out of me; but always in a struggle with its own clumsiness and frailty.” The lung: delicate, vulnerable, with frond-like bronchi reaching out. It is quietly, secretly, our connection to one another. Our breath supports our voices—expressing song, outrage, passion, hilarity—and each individuals breath goes from being held in their lungs, to being released into the world, where we each yell to be heard, gasp for air, squeal in joy, and sing. It is, literally, inspiration.” —


Watch Amy discussing the making of Lung of Love:




Yay! Streaming!! Just for you!