A Tree, Laid to Rest but Not Forgotten

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I found this picture today, courtesy of, and am so moved by this whole concept. What a beautiful and loving tribute to this elderly tree.


“The boy stayed away for a long time… and the tree was sad.  And then one day the boy came back and the tree shook with joy and she said, “Come, Boy, climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and be happy.”

   “I am too busy to climb trees,” said the boy. “I want a house to keep me warm.  I want a wife and I want children, and so I need a house.  Can you give me a house?”

“I have no house,” said the tree. “The forest is my house, but you may cut off my branches and build a house.  Then you will be happy.” And the boy cut off her branches and carried them away to build his house.  And the tree was happy.”
—Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree