Deep Sea Diver: Let’s Set the Record Straight

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For anyone not yet aware that there’s a band out there called Deep Sea Diver, I’ve got some disconcerting news: there are actually TWO bands out there called Deep Sea Diver. This came to my attention when, about a week after I’d purchased Seattle-based Deep Sea Diver’s fabulous new album History Speaks, Tvnoir.de (out of Germany) featured 3 videos by a band of the same name; my first thought was “wow, this band REALLY gets around.” As it turns out, it’s not physically possible to have a CD release show in Oregon at the exact same time that you’re recording a live performance in Berlin. Weird.

Anyway, as confusing and difficult as it might be to fawn over BOTH bands (kinda like dating two people at the same time, each of whom are named Jesse), I promise that you can handle it. After all, you’re smart, talented and otherwise lovely.


Here are the stats, to help you keep things straight:


Deep Sea Diver #1 (formed in 2007)

Hometown: Seattle

Members: Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen and John Raines

Genre: Pop / Ambient

New Caves EP (2010)

History Speaks (2012)

Website: www.thedeepseadiver.com

Bandcamp: http://thedeepseadiver.bandcamp.com/

Sounds like:


Looks like:

Deep Sea Diver: In Black & White from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.





Deep Sea Diver #2

Hometown: Göttingen, Germany

Members: Niklas Kramer and friends

Genre: Indie Folk

Main instruments: acoustic guitars, pedal-steel, picked banjo

Beach (single) 2010

Repariate (2010)

Website: http://www.deepseadiver.se/

Bandcamp: http://deepseadiver.bandcamp.com/

Sounds like:


 Looks like: