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Tour Tips from Levi Weaver

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If you’re not familiar with Levi Weaver, then stop reading this, click here, then come back all rosy cheeked to finish reading this article and thank me profusely.

Don’t feel like leaving? Ok, ok. I give in. Here’s a video for you so you can see what I’m talking about. 

Seriously, this man is wonderful.



Ok, now that we’ve taken care of that, let me get back to my original point:

Over the past few months, Levi Weaver has been posting some invaluable touring and $$making tips that he’s accrued over his many years of driving back and forth throughout the country, being a solo, touring artist, etc.  


Two of my favorite articles he’s poste are:

Tour Tips:
This article covers everything from getting mailing list sign ups, selling merch, planning a tour budget and figuring out your routes between shows. It’s a super helpful, easy and concise read that I strongly recommend for anyone who’s new to touring.


I Can’t Afford a House Show and Other Myths
Here, Levi talks about the economics of house shows and some of the biggest misunderstandings that artists have about what is feasible within a tour.


SquareUp: The Greatest (FREE) Tool You Can Take On the Road

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SquareUp is a no brainer. It allows you to process payments for ticket sales, merch and any other items via your iPhone or Android, all via this little square device that is… wait for it… FREE!! 

Here’s what’ll happen:

Fan: “Hey, I really want a CD but I don’t have any cash with me.”
You: “Oh really, cuz I have this little device here where you can swipe your plastic and be done with it.”
Fan: “Oh, awesome! That’s so fancy of you! You’re rad!”

So what are you waiting for? All the cool (ahem, smart) kids are doing it. I promise.