New York Compressed: A 6 Hr Food & Fashion Tour

Sep 9, 2012 by

Earlier this week, I had a whirlwind 6 hours in New York city. I took the train into Grand Central and then walked (ok, ran) a solid 5 miles amongst the sun, crowds, farmers’ markets and freshly pressed Autumn collections. I stopped for lunch in Korea town, browsed Mario Batali’s food wonderland at Eataly, tried on perfumes and necklaces at ABC carpet, bought some vegetables in Union Square, and then headed to Soho for my customary stops at the IF Boutique, Morgane le Fay, Loopy Mango, Isabel Marant, Rag & Bone, Barbara Bui and Shoe. It was an incredible treat to be in the city the day before Fashion Night Out– when the store managers are dressing their windows and enjoying a brief, semi-peaceful creative jaunt before the madness. It was a great time to chat up employees about the season’s trends, their favorite garments and best-styled looks.


Armed with an iPhone camera and very comfy biker boots, I snapped 81 photos all over the city.
Here are some of my favorites:


Lunch (Junu Bimbombop) at Kum Gang San



Matta’s Fall/Winter Collection at ABC Carpet



Closeup of Matta’s Kantha-Inspired Dresses at ABC Carpet



More of Matta’s exquisite quilted silks. I couldn’t resist!



Entryway at Blooming Affairs florist. Just incredible.



Gourmet Cheeses at Eataly



Bakery sign on 6th Avenue



Gorgeous Loaves of Bread at Eataly



Fresh Herbs at the Union Square Farmers’ Market



Concord Grapes & Yellow Tomatoes at the Union Square Farmers’ Market



This barrel of purple and yellow wax beans was as pretty as a painting



Massive Stack of Radishes and Carrots at the Farmer’s Market



Yes, I really do have a weakness for colorful, stacked vegetables



Lineup of White Dresses at Morgane le Fay



Morgane le Fay Showroom on Wooster Street



My favorite look from Morgane le Fay’s new collection



Colorful draped coat by Ivan Grundhal at the IF Boutique in Soho



Plaid Taffeta Vest & Crinoline Skirt by Ivan Grundhal at the IF Boutique in Soho



Palette for Gary Graham’s Fall Collection



Skirt in Hand-Dyed Floral Textile from Gary Graham’s 2012 Collection



Metallic Hand-Threaded Ankle Boots by Elena Dawson (former apprentice of Paul Harnden)



I took a gaggle of photos at Gary Graham but sadly, almost none of them have the clarity or lighting to show off his incredible fabric techniques. I found the following images via Worthwhile, an  unparalleled clothing boutique in Charleston, South Carolina. Peruse and drool!
All of the following garments are for sale on their site. 



Gary Graham’s Silk Quilt Print Dress, Fall/Winter 2012



Closeup of Gary Graham’s Silk Quilt Print Dress



Asymmetrical Stripe Pullover Dress by Gary Graham



Egyptian Scarlet Dress by Gary Graham, Fall/Winter 2012



Felted Wool Deconstructed Vest by Gary Graham, Fall/Winter 2012



Qajar Jacquard Coat by Gary Graham, Fall/Winter 2012



Closeup of Qajar Jacquard Coat by Gary Graham



Blue Floral Hexagon Dress by Gary Graham, Fall/Winter 2012



Closeup of Fabric on Gary Graham’s Floral Hexagon Dress