David Bailey Discusses Lady Gaga

Mar 20, 2012 by


I just came across this mini story by famed British fashion photographer David Bailey. Apparently, he recently canceled a photo session with Lady Gaga because, as he explains to the Telegraph, “there were too many rumours about her storming out and being silly. And I can’t be bothered. If she can sing, why wear funny clothes? Ella Fitzgerald never wore funny clothes.”

In Lady Gaga’s defense, I am a fan of her unapologetic outlandishness so far as it sends the message that it’s socially acceptable (even celebrated) to look/feel eccentric, abnormal, etc. I appreciate any artist who can provide a voice for the soft-spoken underworld (non-mainstream) of society, and by doing so, give them comfort.

That said, I applaud David’s point of view. It makes me sad to think that Gaga is swarming the radio when so many more musically talented artists are starving for their dinners. I guess this speaks to some fundamental problems about the intertwining of style and music: someone can make a dramatic, seductive youtube video but have little genuine artist merit (ahem, not mentioning any names), and become a music industry sensation within months. Alternately, a wildly talented artist can perform and slug away for two decades without proper recognition. 


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