The Lumineers: The Lumineers

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Denver-based Americana trio, The Lumineers, will release their self-titled debut on April 3rd via Dualtone, and, due to the band’s recent blogosphere / SXSW takeover, the album is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated Americana albums of the year. I was fortunate enough to see The Lumineers at a small cafe in Boston earlier in the year and their music stomped/twirled right into my heart, earning a place that I reserve only for the underdogs I most want to succeed. I guess every year there are just a few bands that make me say to myself “ok, if they can make it, then I’ll start believing in ye olde music industry again!” Yep, I’ve been hooting about these lovely people all over the interwebs for the past several months and it looks like the powers-that-be are catching on! Yippee!


Here is their jangly, foot-tappy and grin-worthy track Ho Hey:


Here’s a live recording of their fabulous song “The Dead Sea”


Additional Links:

In Oct-2011, The Lumineers recorded a killer session at Daytrotter that ended up being among the recording studio’s favorite sessions of the year. It can be heard here.

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