Jesse Thomas: War Dancer

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Jesse Thomas has one of those voices, like Brandi Carlisle, or Lucinda, that sounds, in some way, sharded. It sounds like something that has surely been clawed or ravaged— left with edges so rough and stunning that when breath moves path them, it leaves you, the listener, feeling ravaged as well. 

Jesse’s 2010 EP “Hazel” debuted in the Top Ten on iTunes’ singer/songwriter chart and was featured as both a “New and Noteworthy” and “Indie Spotlight” release. Come February 2011, her song “You I Want” was featured at Starbucks retail stores in the US and Canada as their “Pick of the Week.”

Jesse’s debut album War Dancer, released on February 14, 2012, has been keeping me company for weeks now.

When I say the words “War Dancer,” they conjure the image of someone doing a victory dance, either when they’re marching into or back home from a great battle. And, I like to think of the record this way. When I finally win that civil war with the part of my heart that still loves the person who doesn’t belong there— this is the album I’ll be listening to, whiskey in hand. 


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