Dry the River: Shallow Bed (UK Release)

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UK-based Dry the River, is a band I find difficult to categorize; according to their bio, they have a “background in hardcore and post-punk bands, hence the tattoos, lyrics that read like a Steinbeck novel and a sonic palette that sweeps from gentle to giant like an incoming storm. I think I’ll just let you make up your own mind about them after watching their live acoustic version of new song “Bible Belt.”



And, just because I can’t stop myself, here’s the video for my favorite song of theirs “No Rest”


Their new album was recorded in Bridgeport, Connecticut with producer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol). The band says of the recording process: “We wanted to record the bulk of it to tape, to use analogue stuff in favour of computer wizardry where possible, but without it sounding like an old folk record. I think we tried to preserve the fragility and honesty of the more stripped down tracks, but still get the intensity of the live show across too – to marry those two aspects of our music without it sounding incongruous.”