Delta Spirit: Delta Spirit

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Long Beach-based alternative rock / soul band Delta Spirit (Bassist Jon Jameson, Drummer Brandon Young, Vocalist/guitarist Matthew Vasquez, Multi-instrumentalist Kelly Winrich and Guitarist Will McLaren)will release their third album, Delta Spirit on March 13, 2012. In an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Matt Vasquez says ”We found the sound that we’ve been looking for, that we’ve been growing into, and as soon as we hit on it, we ran with it. That’s why it’s a self-titled record, so we could connect our identity with the album, because this album is what we think Delta Spirit is. People make records for their time, and we wanted to make one for our time.”


“These Californians have more in common with the dirty haired, dirty fingernailed folk groups of the nascent years than they do any of their contemporaries. They’re suited for reminiscent hopefulness and the gracefully youthful fusion of hostility and all-encompassing passion for all things that can set a smile ablaze or turn the hairs on arms and backs of necks into little beds of nails at the flick of a switch. They make lists of things they like, including all of the people they love, their home, pretty girls, desserts, bodies of water, justice and America. They believe there’s still hope for it and in all of the rooms contained within the hallways of the band’s newest offering, “Ode To Sunshine,” they make you understand that, when it’s all boiled down, what we all ultimately live for is catharsis and a fulfillment of body meeting land, air and sea harmoniously. They’re about bodies meeting bodies, pressing skins to skins. They’re about reminding you to listen more than you talk. They’re about urging you to put stock in the happiness of others, not just your own. They make it obvious that we have to go somewhere to be somewhere. We have to feel something to really live. They sing of the soul searchers. They sing for the soul searchers. They are the soul searchers. —Sean Moeller (of


Listen to one of my favorite tracks off the album, “Tear it Up”


Ok, and one more, because it’s just so good. Here’s “California”