Bhi Bhiman: Bhiman

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St. Louis-based folk songwriter Bhi Bhiman released the video  for his sprawling, seven-minute song “Guttersnipe” earlier in the year and it seemed to pop up on dozens of my friends’ blogs and facebook walls simultaneously. I was instantly charmed and fascinated by this soulful songwriter who had seemingly come out of nowhere and was now sweeping listening rooms across the country.

On January 24, 2012, Bhi Bhiman released his second album Bhiman , and it is already garnering the following press:

 ”Bhiman’s songs would be remarkable from anybody: He’s a penetrating melodist as well as an accomplished guitarist and a striking singer.” —National Public Radio

“Wry and subversive, the writing and performances here are first-rate folk-based and undeniable unique.” —The Washington Post


Watch his now-famous video “Guttersnipe”



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